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Help us fulfill our mission of helping people connect with God.

Contributions are a vital part of how we fulfill our mission of helping people connect with God. Your generosity and financial support enable us to create the ministry environments that help us share God’s good news with the people of our city.

Fund Types

General Fund
General Fund offerings go to support the ministries, facilities, and staffing of our church. Most of the gifts made to Hope Church go to our General Fund. .
Expansion Fund
Contributions designated to this fund will be used for the expansion of our mission to help people connect with God in our city. Future capital campaigns and special offerings will also go into this fund. Spending decisions from this fund will be at the discretion of our Elder Board. Examples of what the fund could be used for would be adding new campuses, renovating ministry spaces, adding new ministries, adding new staff, funding key initiatives. This fund will help us advance our mission and respond to opportunities that we feel God is calling us to that are not planned for ahead of time in our General Fund.
Good Samaritan Fund
This fund exists to:

  • Help members and regular attenders of Hope Church who are experiencing a financial emergency.
  • Enable participation in a Hope Church ministry (examples could include registration fees, workbooks, transportation, childcare, etc.).
  • Support other non-profits

​When the balance in this fund exceeds a level deemed adequate to sustain these purposes, donations to this fund can also be used to support vital Hope Church ministries. ​You may donate directly to the Good Samaritan Fund through the online giving process by choosing “Good Samaritan Fund” in the “Giving Type” pull-down menu. ​

If you would like to apply for assistance from the Good Samaritan Fund, download detailed instructions and an application below or contact the church office. Please ensure that all areas of the application are completed, along with a cover letter, before submitting to the church office in an envelope marked “Good Samaritan Team”.

Apply For Assistance

Fiscal Year 2024 Budget

2024 Budget Report

Investment Giving

Did you know that you can give a stock, bond, or mutual fund gift to Hope Church? If this is something you'd like to do, please fill out the Investment Gift form & return it to the church office. Also, please contact Michelle Harris, Client Associate of Wells Fargo Advisors directly. They manage Hope Church’s brokerage account and can assist you with the transfer of securities and other non-cash assets into Hope Church's account.

Download: Investment Gift Form

Wells Fargo Advisors | (563) 557-9400
Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, member SIPC.