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Children: Hope Wednesdays

Passions/Gifts/Skills: Adults and teens interested in serving as teachers or assistants to Kindergarten through 5th grade students will have opportunities to disciple their class through Bible lessons, crafts and games. The small group setting allows for deep relationships and maturing of their young faith. No past experience is needed – only a teachable heart that loves Jesus and children.

Commitment: 1 time/week for 3 – 9 week quarters

How we equip you: Our Elementary Director will provide curriculum, coaching and support to help you teach or assist. As your point of contact, she will partner with you in this vital ministry. The goal is for children to have a fun, faith-filled night where they hear the Gospel and know they are loved deeply by Jesus and their leaders.

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area: Children's
Days of the Week: Mid Week
Role: Upfront